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Welcome to the Berkeley Seminar Online 2021!

Here you will find all the links and handouts for the day. Refresh the page often in case any updates are made.

Zoom Meeting Link:

We will all be together in one meeting throughout the day. You can come and go from the meeting as you please, it will not disturb the presentations.

Handouts and Sheet Music

Available for Download

An Introduction to the Taubman Approach

Marc Steiner

8:30-9:25 AM

(Handout now available)

Fingering Patterns Using 1 – 2 – 3 – 2 – 1

John Bloomfield

9:35-10:30 AM

The Role of the Fingers and the Thumb in a Natural Technique

Edna Golandsky

10:40-11:35 AM

Masterclass Part 1


Ryan Bridge performs for Marc Steiner

Canzona Serenata and Danza Silvestra from Forgotten Melodies, op. 38 no. 6 and 7 by Nikolai Medtner

Masterclass Part 2


Nichola McCloy performs for Elizabeth Swarthout

Chopin Nocturne in D Flat Major. Op 27 no 2

Q&A with Edna Golandsky


One general question, a passage from Liebermann Gargoyles, and then open question time.

Pedagogy Workshop


  • Handel Gavotte, HWV 491

  • Second G major minuet from Bach notebook

  • Sinding - The Rustle of Spring

  • Bach Sinfonia in B minor

Jazz Session with Debbie Poryes

3:10-4:00 PM

How to Play and Teach "Watermelon Man"

Breakout Session with Mary Moran


Chopin Ballade No 1 in G minor excerpt

(Most breakout groups are an open-ended session, but these two have a bit of pre-planned activities for which I have posted scores.)

Breakout Session with John Bloomfield


Bach Goldberg Aria; Clara Schumann Piano Trio Questions

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