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  • 7:30am PT 11/4/22: Jazz Standard Handout pages reordered, Introductory Lecture Handout added, Breakout Sessions information clarified

  • 9:30pm PT 11/4/22 Breakout room handouts added, three examples added to the Pedagogy Workshop handout.

  • 7:30am PT 11/5/22 Chopin Nocturne Handout added

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We will all be together in one meeting throughout the day. You can come and go from the meeting as you please, it will not disturb the presentations. The sessions are being recorded.

Meeting ID: 864 2512 4030

Passcode: 724015


Handouts and Sheet Music

Available for Download

An Introduction to the Taubman Approach

Marc Steiner

Grouping on More Than One Level

John Bloomfield

Masterclass Part 1

Elizabeth Swarthout

Masterclass Part 2

Marc Steiner

Pedagogy Workshop

Mary Moran

Chopin's Nocturne, op.72 #1 in E minor

Robert Durso

Fundamentals for Learning a Jazz Standard

Debbie Poryes

Breakout Sessions


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